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138 Berkeley Street, Glasgow, G3 7HY, Scotland, UK Tel: (+44) 0141 221 6698 Registered Charitable Organisation: SC 000306

Your NEW Singh Sabha Gurdwara

Although not officially launched yet, and still under development, you can view it as it takes shape. Many exciting new features will be added to it over the next few weeks, so we hope you enjoy it and use it regularly.
With Waheguru\'s Grace, we are delighted to announce that currently the ground is being excavated to lay the foundations for the new underground car park.
Due to a funding shortfall, we urgently need donations from the Sangat. Please click here to read more. Satnam Sri Waheguru
  • Our Vision & Our Mission

    Our founding members’ vision was to create and run a Gurdwara according to the ‘Singh Sabha’ Movement – a 19th Century revivalist Sikh Organisation – which believes in strictly following the pure Sikh traditions as laid down by the Gurus.

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  • Our Services

    As well as the normal daily services, Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha Glasgow is used to host Sikh Marriages, Akhand Paaths, Sehj Pathhs and Sukhmani Sahib Pathhs and Langar Daily.

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  • Donations for New Gurdwara

    As you know, our new Gurdwara has already begun construction. However, there is still at least a £1million shortfall which is urgently required

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